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The Story Of Our Non-Profit for Women and Children

Ralph Drury has two main passions: helping those in need… and exquisite wines. When he helped initiate a wine charity event that raised nearly $50,000 for the Mercy’s Children Clinic in 2001, he realized there was a unique opportunity to connect these two passions.

Nineteen years later, A Vintage Affair continues to grow as the most unique non-profit for women and children around: One that realizes if you give people a good time, they’ll be more likely to give their goodwill to the well-being of others.

We work hard each year to put on first-class wine charity events with the goal of giving the majority of it away to those who need it most — the women and children of the Williamson County Community, regardless of race or creed.

With the support of our sponsors, the focus of our board of directors, and the help from people in our community, we can proudly say our impact has reached far beyond our expectations.

While the documents below aren’t nearly as enjoyable as our wine charity events, they are integral to maintaining our transparency and standing as a 501(c)(3).

Our Documents

501(c)(3) Documentation Donor Bill of Rights 

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Form 990 from 2013 Form 990 from 2015 Form 990 from 2016 

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